Is Job Switching A Good Option In Times Of Recession?

The effect of recession is that, businesses are slowing down and accordingly companies have to adopt austere measures in order to survive.

It may be, in the form of cost cutting and make the company organization lean. With this situation, a lot of people are displaced from their jobs especially if it does not fall to what we call the ‘recession proof jobs’ category.

As a day job income dependent, one way of coping up with recession is considering a career shift. It might not be a good idea changing careers during a downturn but if you are one of those affected it must be a good suggestion to have a try and give a different career a chance.

You may be considering foremost in your mind, jobs that has a better job security standing compared to others. Though there are no job that is 100% secure but there are industries out there, that workers feeling more confident that even they are laid off or get fired, the demand is so great that finding another job is not that difficult.

So how do you choose a career that’s right for you during a recession? Here are some recession-proof careers that are worthy of your consideration:

1.0 Education – There is a great shortage of teachers in this department. Even how bad the economy is, teachers will always be in-demand. Parents or families are still sending their children to school and also, lots of unemployed adults may decide to further their education as well. Although teaching is not that lucrative career, it may be better to settle a career like this rather than being unemployed for a long time.

2.0 Health care – Job applicants with Information Technology expertise are said to be a good fit to the health care industry particularly nursing and medical transcriptionist. This is because said vocations are information-driven career. These are great careers that do not usually get affected during recession.

3.0 Accountancy Jobs – Auditors are also usually unaffected by downturns. More individuals and companies are monitoring their books, so auditors or accountants are in great demand.

4.0 Energy and Utilities – Energy consumers may cut back, but their consumption of fuel will not stop. Power utilities are here to stay, people will still light their homes. So, maintenance and utility jobs prove to be more stable than others during a recession.

5.0 Pharmaceuticals – Medical doctors or physicians still continue prescribing drugs, people are still going to take them. Pharmacist or a quality assurance analyst in pharmaceutical laboratory, if you are one of them you are in good hands.

6.0 Military Career – The military establishment is always hiring, whether it’s wartime or peace time, soldiers are still needed during a recession . Serving the military also means that you are not to think of anymore for your living expenses because it is now well covered.

7.0 Security Works – There is an increase in crime rate during recession. With lots people out of work chances are petty crimes are also on the rise, so the demand of security workers are greater.

8.0 Environmental Sciences – With all these global warming, climate change, green energy stuff, the truth is that eco-friendly trend is now the latest fad. Thus choosing a career in environment-care-related industries can be a good career choice.

9.0 Government Jobs- Working in the government can be a good choice where stable jobs can be found in here. For surety, government will still continue to function even during downturn.

With a variety of choices to make, it will not be that difficult to find a job that you can switch on, in order to save you from financial woes especially during this time of economic crisis.


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