How To Cope Up With Boredom

It is said that boredom is more stressful than overwork. The reason probably is that time not well spent can be stressful indeed, if it lacks the challenge or appreciation you are aspiring can lead to non productivity owing to lack of focus.

In simple terms, if you are in the state of being weary and restless due to lack of interest of what you are doing that is something that you need to address of how to overcome that devastating feeling of doing nothing. Now is it not ironic if you feel such insipidness when you are at work?

Unfortunately, boredom is inevitable in any workplace especially if your job starts to become routine and you most likely end up into that negative pit of boredom.

However, psychologists say this emotion is highly subjective and rooted in aspects of consciousness, and the levels of boredom vary among people. Some individuals are far less prone to it than others. Some such as the extroverts, are more susceptible to this feeling.

Do remember that boredom is a state of mind. If your occupation calls for a monotonous task, like sitting in a cubicle the whole day doing a boring job, then take it upon yourself to liven things up a bit.

And since you don’t want to be caught sleeping or playing online poker in the office, here are some ways to alleviate the brain numbing feeling of boredom without being sluggish in the workplace.

1) Enjoy your office environment – Make your office or cubicle your home away from home. The more comfortable and personalized it is, the more you enjoy the work that goes in it. Decorate your space with some of your favorite items, such as pictures, poems, flowers or potpourri. Stash snacks in your drawer to nibble on, if you are allowed to do so, play your favorite music at a low volume while you work. Just be sure the volume doesn’t make you unaware of your surroundings or disturb your neighbors.

2) Generate excitement – Look for ways to have fun while doing your work. Diversify your tasks by taking on new duties, volunteering for other projects that capture your interest, or creating a whole new job description with your boss. Concentrate on choosing those duties that lie in areas that give you most satisfaction.

3) Find and pursue your purpose – Reflect on why you chose the post you currently have. Look for meaning in your work by reminding yourself of the connection between your job and your core values, beliefs and aspirations. Consider how your position fits into the “big picture” of the company. Evaluate the impact your job has on other departments and look for ways to heightened productivity and improve the general outcome of your work.

4) Take it personally – You should act as if you are in business of yourself. Enjoy this new found sense of ownership and spirit of entrepreneurship. Instead of thinking of yourself as just an employee, act like a consultant providing a service to a client (your employer). Adopt a “take charge” attitude and take the initiative to make decisions or suggestions as they pertain to your projects and area of expertise.

5) Keep your options open – Don’t take your present job as your only opportunity for career growth, advancement or excitement. Keep all of your options open by upgrading your skills and broadening your experience. Take advantage of company training, continuing education classes, a part time or a volunteer job. Pinpoint skills you need to acquire or improve, then pursue them.

6) Do more things outside of the work place – Spend more time with your friends and family. Have fun during week ends by taking up dancing lessons, or even go hiking if you wish. When your personal life is interesting, you will feel better about yourself and life at work will take a turn for the better.

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