How To Handle Mercury Containing Lamp Wastes?

Waste and toxic watchdog Eco Waste Coalition has renewed its all out campaign against the improper disposal of spent lamps containing mercury.

It has reiterated the urgency of putting in place a practical system for hazardous collection that will curb pollution from broken, crushed, or burned fluorescent lamps containing mercury, a toxic chemical that causes significant harm to human and ecological health.

It is suggested that in handling discarded fluorescent and mercury containing lamps and safe containment and storage of collected mercury wastes, it has to spell out specific responsibilities of household and institutional users, government and business industry toward the environmentally sound management of mercury containing lamp waste.

In protecting ourselves and the environment against mercury containing lamp wastes. EcoWaste Coalition has outlined the following tips:

*** Do not break the lamp. Handle spent mercury containing lamps with extreme care as they can easily break.

*** Do not burn lamps containing mercury or throw them into regular waste bins.

*** Do not play with discarded lamps or leave them lying around.

*** Return spent lamp to its original box container or place in a clear plastic bag, seal and mark “Toxic : Lamp waste with mercury.”

*** Put the properly wrapped and labeled lamp waste into a secure place for temporary storage.

*** For increased protection against breakage, store spent lamps in an upright position and placed in a covered tin or plastic container for smaller lamps or a cupboard for linear lamps.

*** Mark the container where the lamp waste is stored with a readable warning. “Toxic : Lamp waste with mercury.”

*** Keep storage area safe, out of children’s reach and away from the elements and human traffic.

*** Contact fluorescent lamp manufacturers and/or distributors to check if they have a take back program for their spent products or suggest a take back program if they have none.

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