Identifying A Gifted Child

How should parents know if their child is gifted? Well, experts say that parents have to observe their child’s abilities and behavior and compare them accordingly to the children of his age.

It is important for parents to discover the gift of the child at an early age in order to ensure his development and nurture. It is therefore necessary to understand the child’s unique gift by giving his needs and provide him an excellent learning environment with proper care and nutrition.

Experts say that there is a difference in characteristics between an intelligent child and a gifted child. Herewith, is a comparative list for both, that parents may subscribe of which category his child belong.

The Intelligent Child The Gifted Child
1.0 He enjoys the company of his peers 1.0 He preferred adults or older than him
2.0 He learned with ease on the subject 2.0 He already knows the subject
3.0 He mostly answer the question 3.0 He debates and discuss it in detail
4.0 Works hard on the subject 4.0 Playful and yet test well on the subject
5.0 He is attentive on the subject 5.0 He is mentally and physically on the subject
6.0 He listen with interest on the subject 6.0 He shows strong feelings and opinions on the subject
7.0 He copies accurately of the subject 7.0 He creates a new design of the subject
8.0 He completes his assignments on the subject 8.0 He initiates projects on the subject
9.0 He is interested on the subject 9.0 He is highly curious on the subject
10.0 He is receptive of the subject 10.0 He is intense of the subject
11.0 He knows the answer of the subject 11.0 He asks the questions of the subject
12.0 He grasps the meaning of the subject 12.0 Draws inferences of the subject
13.0 Understands ideas on the subject 13.0 Construct s abstract on the subject
14.0 He needs 6-8 repetitions on the subject for mastery 14.0 He needs 1-2 repetitions on the subject for mastery
15.0 He is the top of the group 15.0 He is a level higher

Parents should be aware that a gifted child might not be outstanding in all the aforementioned characteristics. However, if your child manifests most of these characteristics, as parents you need to respond accordingly and provide your child the proper tools for creative expression which also help your child stimulate his creativity in order that he will not get bored.

If parents have every reason to believe that his child is gifted. He can opt to let his child be evaluated by a professional psychologist to determine if his child is really gifted. Through this, it can be addressed appropriately and the child needs distinctively.

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