True Happiness Is Measured Of How Close You Are To God

They say that it is easy to be happy when one has so many things to be happy about. But if someone is suffering with an incurable or a rare disease at that, would you even find someone a reason to smile and be happy?

For some people, humor and infectious laughter are their best medication and leverage to help them overcome of whatever medical predicament that their lives are confronting.

According to them, true happiness is measured of how close you are to God, their personal relationship and fervent faith in their Creator has rekindled their values of hope, optimism, resilience and positive thinking to rise above and over physical pains, mental anguish and desperation in order to live a full and happy life.

No matter what, to them to be happy is a therapy that can alleviate their sufferings and the positive out look of life can bring that makes them closer to their Creator.

After all, life is neither all about illness nor suffering but it is our attitude of surviving and the will to fight back when all odds are against us and by just fully trusting our senses and intuition to our inner self.

To the successful people there is neither such word as retreat nor surrender in their vocabulary. Better still, quitting is either not their option.

They need to keep up their goal and relentless effort going, even how long shall it takes them to achieve it just to be successful. Is it not that through success which self fulfillment is earned the hard way that happiness is made of?

A born achiever can ultimately persevere in anything tougher than life itself. By believing that the possibility of transforming any negative tribulations of life into positive ones is not remote.

Hence in the contrary, through that belief it brings forth instead the best of them, the self contented and happy individuals that they always deemed wish and strive for.

While others say that it is much easier said than done though. Is it not that life is what suppose to be? Full of challenges?

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