Importance Of Being Consistent, Key In Remembering Misplaced Items

Have you experienced to have misplaced an item and forgot where you put them? This is something that you probably just can’t ignore.

Imagine, if you forget where you put your keys, wallet, watch, ID, sun glass or any typical attention issue. Can it not be worth annoying?

You toss your keys when you walk through the door while preoccupied with something else or you have put an item somewhere while you are talking to someone in a mobile phone.

A few hours later, you can’t remember where you put them. It was during the act of putting these items down where you were at a loss especially when your attention was diverted and in so doing you have missed your action to be registered and saved them into your memory.

Unknowingly putting things without your giving of so much attention is the culprit. To avoid this from happening, it is suggested that at the verge of placing the item, you have to pause for some seconds and pay attention to it by telling yourself silently or out loud of what specifically you are doing at that moment.

Moreover, it would be much better if you can designate a specific place in your home, that whenever you put some items, accordingly be consistent in putting them there.

It can be a conspicuous place in your house , that can easily be seen or something that you can easily recall. The designated place might be on top or inside the top drawer of your working table, top of your refrigerator when you are in the kitchen or top of side table lamp when you are in the bedroom.

Wherever it maybe you wanted, the important thing is, that you have devised something that can keep you out of trouble at least which is a common predicament to almost everyone that in dire need of a solution.

If you put something or an item down it usually goes unnoticed if you won’t bother to log in them into your memory. If you won’t perceive or associate it with an event as equally important, your memory will cast it off quickly.

To be consistent in everything you do, doing it regularly is a good option. If you do it consistently chances are, that you can easily recall things immediately.

If you place an item at your designate place every time, you can always without fail, know where they are. Having a good memory often has to do of being consistent and developing good habits.


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