Philippine Election 2010: The Filipino People Has Finally Spoken

The landslide victory of Benigno Aquino III over his rivals of last May 10, 2010 Philippine election is reminiscent to the the time of how then presidential candidate Joseph Estrada won the national election of 1998.

Estrada, also won by landslide victory. Though the two elections are almost twelve years apart, one thing they have shared in common, Aquino and Estrada stand of the same platform respectively, that is to get rid of graft and corruption in government and alleviate poverty.

Unfortunately, Estrada was not able to complete his term due to a military intervention. It was the then Armed Forces Chief of Staff, Angelo Reyes who handed personally the formal letter to Estrada to vacate MalacaƱang premises that time.

It was subsequently orchestrated by some disgruntled opposition and people who were unhappy the way Estrada had run the government. Just like showbiz, where Estrada has spent most of his life as an actor, it was full of intrigues. His drinking habits and his playing at the casino were the menu of those days.

It has blown out of proportion that his presidential function has put into question when he was linked to an alleged jueting scandal (a hometown lottery) by then Estrada’s close friend Chavit Singson. By just one person’s allegation he was ousted from the presidency, the rest is history.

The irony of this incident is that it takes the whole Philippine nation to elect a president but it take only bunches of people in urban Metro-Manila to remove Estrada from the presidency. Is it what democratic institution Philippine style is all about?

It would be in its best interest, if they should have taken first the consensus of the whole nation (from Batanes to Tawi-tawi), before any removal of Estrada from the presidential office could even take place?

Was there a high level conspiracy that took place, where the conspirators are opportunists which is virtually much bigger and influential than the voice of the majority who elected Estrada to the presidency, that they can deliberately thwart the people’s will in conspirator’s favor?

Or was it a product of a politicized military? Whatever it is, it is now high time that every Filipino should be vigilant and safeguard his basic rights as a people which is the essence of true democratic values, where the voice of the majority is king.

The Filipino people should never allow the incident that had happened to Estrada would ever happen to Aquino. As a matter of principle, they should deter at all cost opportunists to govern them. These people had preached about good governance and yet their regime is marred with various forms of scandals and controversies. Sadly, it would remain a ‘case unclosed’ up to their last term of office on June 30, 2010.

To the present Philippine military and police leadership, the Filipino people beseeched you, that you stand by them as protector not persecutor. Your allegiance, loyalty and integrity is exclusively for them only and not to any other opportunist or conspirators at your midst. Duly respect and protect their political decision. They have finally spoken. So help them God.


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