Is Floyd Mayweather Sourgraping Or Is It For Something Else?

In my previous articles I have cited that Mayweather will not be running out of alibis to contend with, as his demands continue to change every time, in his impending clash with Pacquiao.

However, this time through a Make A Wish Foundation video where he bluntly told the interviewer that he will be off for 1 – 2 years from the sport, it was indeed a very suspicious move from Mayweather.

It was declared at the time when Boxing Writers Association Of America (BWAA) has accorded the Fighter Of The Decade and Fighter Of The Year awards to Pacquiao, and while the behind the scene negotiation is still ongoing between Top Rank and Golden Boy Promotions regarding their proposed bout that is scheduled for Nov. 13 of this year.

Anyone must have come to think, is he sourgraping? For not getting the coveted awards accorded to Pacquiao which supposedly to be his? As an egoistic personality like Mayweather, what is more hurting to his very person and ego, is when the accolade that he believes supposedly belongs to him is accorded to others.

Whatever it is, he should look up to himself where he has gone wrong. For sure he knows better.

But wait, this is only one side of the coin. How about this? Is he doing this to get an upper hand to most of the terms with Pacquiao?

It is interesting to note that his only demand was only random blood testing Olympic style, when ask by Larry Merchant after his fight with Mosley, but now he asks for more that the purse shall be split to 60-40 in his favor.

He knows pretty well, that Pacquiao will not give in to his last demand, what is acceptable to Pacquiao is a 50-50 split.

Is he really doing this to get a leverage or it is one way indirectly telling us or every boxing enthusiast that he doesn’t really want to engage with Pacquiao? Well, whatever your wild guess? Your guess is as good as mine.

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