Vertical Gardening – A Horizontal Space Saving Option

Vertical garden which started as an experiment by French botanist Patrick Blanc has become a fad in urban setting.

The intention was to grow plants thus creating a garden without the usual soil used in plant propagation.

It has been increasingly popular in homes that avid gardeners grow a wall of plants in ways that are natural and not grown in pots turning one’s bare walls into a vertical garden of plants is something uniquely spectacular and a space saver horizontally.

An Ontario based company in Canada, which specializes in green roofs, began selling living wall system, three years back and is now the biggest supplier in the US.

Many modular systems had popped up, essentially their system is made up of plastic trays filled with soil and attached to the wall, with a drip irrigation system or sprinkler installed above it.

A complete departure to Blanc’s living walls, a garden without a soil or a hydroponic form of plant propagation as can be seen in institutional building of Musee’ du Quai Branly in Paris and in commercial building of Athaneum hotel in London.

To create a vertical green wall garden, it takes a lot of hard work to be able to blend the right irrigation, lighting and mixture of plants.

“It’s like having a large poodle, you have to take care of it and walk it. It’s intensive care of plants.” as one movie location scout turn vertical gardener had said

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