Is Monosodium Glutamate Bad To Your Health?

The introduction of Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG) to the food industry as a flavor enhancer was phenomenal because it is almost found in all canned and frozen foods and predominantly used mostly in fast food and Chinese restaurants.

MSG may be a unique flavor enhancer to your food but too much dosage can cause danger to your health. Proponents of MSG however, has fought back when they claimed that it is just like anything else, it can be harmful only when consumed in large quantities.

Most people can use MSG without any negative effects felt, however others have their bodies severely reacted to the chemical substance. MSG has been linked to asthma, headaches, and heart irregularities.

A nutrition specialist at Beijing United Hospital, affirmed that MSG may cause some individuals some discomfort after consuming but believes that it’s relatively safe.

MSG related illnesses are not allergic reactions and are temporary. It is more pharmacological, which means that your body is reacting to the chemical composition of the substance and is dose related. Consuming too much MSG is definitely bad for the body.

Various people react differently to MSG, it may or may not be harmful to you and your family but you always use precautions. If you are not sure about the consumption of MSG, simply avoid it. Buy foods that are MSG free and always check the labels.

In 1992, a report from the United States Food and Drug Administration concluded that there are only two groups of people that are prone to negative reaction to MSG:

a) People who consumed over three grams of MSG on an empty stomach ( typical MSG treated foods usually contain only 0.50 gram).

b) People with severe and poorly controlled asthma. The study has acquitted MSG on all negative charges against it and it was considered safe.

The World Health Organization ( WHO ) placed MSG in the safest category of food additives. Despite, strong scientific evidences, that the fear of MSG is still widespread through out the world.

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