Is Skipping Breakfast A Healthy Practice?

Contrary to what some people think that by skipping breakfast you can lose weight. Eating breakfast increases one’s metabolism because the body is burning up the food.

Our brain needs fuel, in the form of glucose from food, to function properly. Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast tend to eat fewer calories the rest of the day.

The problem with skipping breakfast is that it causes severe hunger patterns later in the day. This result in overeating the next meal.

Besides, it is difficult to make a healthy food choice when you are starving. The benefits of eating breakfast apply only if you choose healthy foods over non healthy ones.

Eating foods with loaded fats and calories is not a good way of starting your breakfast. A good healthy breakfast consists of those food high in fiber like cereals.

A Harvard study of more than 17,000 men found that those who frequently ate cereal for their breakfast consistently weighed less than those who rarely or never ate cereal as breakfast.

Aside from cereal, a healthy benefit would also include some fruits on the side like banana, an apple or a slice of mango. Other excellent choices also include are vegetables, yogurt, skim milk and oatmeal.

In a survey by National Weight Control Registry, 80% of dieters who lost 30 lbs. or more ate breakfast regularly. It is a healthy breakfast they took not loaded with fats and high calories.

The following are outlines as to why skipping breakfast is not a healthy practice.

*** Research has shown that people who reach the ripe old age of 100 take their breakfast regularly than those who skip the first meal of the day.

*** Eating breakfast also avoids wide swings in your blood sugar from continued fasting by skipping breakfast.

*** Non-breakfast voters have a mortality rate of 1.3 to 1.5 times than those who eat breakfast regularly.

*** A study by University of Nottingham has found that those who skipped breakfast were more resistant to insulin, making them at risk for diabetes.


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