Islam – The Misinterpreted Religion

Islam generally means peace, but it is the peace more on ones inner self after it has submitted oneself to the will of God Almighty and that is what the noble religion is all about.

Islam has taught oneself to live harmoniously with its neighbors whose religion is other than Islam. It taught oneself to treat them with dignity and due respect irregardless of their faith, creed and race.

The same way that Islam regards the relationship as mutual, that it is also treated as such in return. God is clear on this issue in dealing with other faiths when He said ” There’s no compulsion in religion, the truth is distinct from error”.

Islam neither tolerates oppression to anyone nor the interferences of the affairs of others. Any transgression to this effect, surely does not emanate from the religion itself because it does not condone it but rather it condemns it.

Neither Islam taught oneself to sit back nor allow oneself to be a victim of transgression without an option to retaliation for such wrongdoing which is the very essence of human nature when provoked.

Any victim of an inflicted wrongdoing, God gives oneself the discretion whether to retaliate or not when He said ” When you do retaliate there’s no blame to be put on you, but if you can forgive that is good for you”

The embodiment of Islam is true monotheism, that is none has the right to be worshiped but God Almighty alone. That He has not begotten a son nor He is begotten.

That He has no partners nor He is one of two. He is but One, not one in a trinity. It has been known that the message of true monotheism had been corrupted by unscrupulous innovators of their times to suit pagan tradition of polytheism and idolatry which had been gone on and on as history repeating itself since the time of Noah, Abraham, Moses and up to the time of Jesus Christ (peace be upon them).

The doctrine of triune god or trinity is an offshoot to that tradition. God has declared to this issue when He said ” They do blaspheme who said that god is one of three in a trinity. For there is no god except One God, if they desist not to what they utter, verily a grievous penalty awaits the blasphemers”.

The belief of true monotheism is what we are ordained to believe in. It is a way of life that anyone just can’t ignore. It has been preached and practiced by all prophets sent by God to mankind long before the advent of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the prophet of mankind.

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