Medicinal Plants – An Alternative Treatment To Cancer

The contributing factors that can cause to the development of cancer is the exposure of oneself to one or more of these conditions: environment, lifestyle, physical and emotional stresses.

It is important to understand that the presence of carcinogen alone just can’t cause cancer but it is the combination of factors that weakens the body defense mechanism against cancer through its own immune system response.

The failure of conventional treatment like chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapies, had led to a new approach for alternative use of herbal medicines in boosting ones immune system response to cancer treatment.

These medicinal plants contain phytochemicals that have a healing effect by increasing the immune system response and detoxification and anti oxidants activity of the body.

Medicinal plants can reduce or minimize the toxic side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment while reinforcing their cancer killing action.

Oncologists who use herbal medicines as an alternative to conventional treatment had observed their patients suffer less from side effects of nausea, hair loss and depressed immunity but also increase their rate of recovery.

Through bolstered faith, hope, happiness and positive outlook of one’s life, people can alter the course of their cancer by producing more endorphins, a natural painkiller of the body which contribute to the synthesis of certain hormone through the adrenal glands and at the same time stimulates the thymus gland to carry out its immune functions more effectively.

Medicinal plants can strengthen the immune system, restrain changes, reduce inflammation and lessen the side effects of conventional treatment through chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

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