James Durbin Made His Santa Cruz Beach Homecoming

James Durbin fans still upset that he was booted out from “American Idol” last week.

But “Idol” producers have asked the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and local news outlets for footage of last Saturday’s “Durbin Day” celebration in Santa Cruz.

According to the Boardwalk, “Idol” is considering airing footage of “Durbin Day” on Wednesday’s show, which will feature the homecoming shows of the top three singers still in the competition.

The decision by “Idol” to allow Durbin to come to Santa Cruz despite having been eliminated was a first in the show’s history. The show’s official statement at the time was that “Durbin Day” would not be shown on “Idol.”

The Boardwalk said that the decision to show Durbin footage would be a last-minute decision, and that, if shown, the Durbin package would be shorter than those of the other three performers.

Durbin is expected to perform in the finale of “American Idol” to air May 26. “Idol” airs at 8 p.m. Wednesday on Fox.

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