James Durbin’s Emotional Night Was His Rendition Of The Song ‘Without You’

James Durbin as he was rehearsing the song ‘Without You’ a Badfinger song, as the piece has yet to be rendered by him onstage in ‘American Idol,’ he has no trouble in holding back his emotions.

He later brought out the gentle side of his voice after several numbers and then he hits the high notes at the end of the song. It was remarkably a moving experience to see him sing.

When he was already on stage ‘In American Idol’ to render the song, once he was shown to him a tape package of his family, fiance’ Heidi and his 2 year old son, Hunter, Durbin was struggling to keep his emotions together. His voice was faltering and he was tear-eyed.

Durbin, 22, has explained it later of what had happened, that he was emotionally attached to the song, though he was, it felt him that singing is the right move, the right step in his American Idol journey.

According to Durbin, he’s trying to be strategic in his selection of his songs and put more passion to it and he feels that it is of what he has brought with him that night.

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