Kim Kardashian Is Wearing A Decoy Engagement Ring To Offset Her Worries

Kim Kardashian is a little bit worried wearing her 2 million dollar engagement ring in public that it might be snatched away from her.

Kardashian perhaps learned her lesson from her little sister, Khloe Kardashian, who almost lost her engagement ring from husband Los Angeles Lakers player Lamar Odom at a New York City hot spot in December amidst a bar scuffle.

The gigantic rock slipped off her finger but she quickly retrieved it among the chaos.

With that experience, she is not comfortable to go around sporting an enormous amount of money on her finger.

She wants to get rid the real thing on her finger to offset her worries so she contacted an expert jeweler whom she commissioned to make an exact replica of the genuine that no one will be able to distinguish any difference between them.

“It’s going to be perfect and really difficult to detect that it’s a fake to the untrained eye,” a source close to Kim Kardashian said.

Kim still plans to wear her real ring when she attends special events or when she feels comfortable.

So there is no truth to rumors that they are splitting. In fact Kim Kardashian has even ruled out that her fiance’ Kris Humphries is just as excited and involved in the planning of their wedding as she is.

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