Mayweather Camp Has Every Reason To Duck Pacquiao Even Until Next Year

Floyd Mayweather Sr. revealed that the IRS is the reason why his son Floyd Jr. that the mega fight with Pacquiao will not happen this year.

Whatever the reason, Mayweather camp has every reason to duck Pacquiao not only this year but even next year if Pacquiao can beat Margarito handily on their Nov. 13 fight schedule, it will be doubtful then that such a mega fight will ever take place next year.

The most probable reason why the Mayweather camp is hesitant to let Floyd Jr. take the fight, because they have foreseen the probability of not only losing the fight with Pacquiao but ending it in a brutal fashion Hatton like knockout is where they are scared of.

It must have been an eyeopener to the Mayweather camp of Floyd Jr. recent exploit with Mosley, when they have seen how Floyd Mayweather Jr. was in trouble that almost took him down in the second round of their fight considering that Mosley was no longer in his prime. They must have realized that if it was a Pacquiao on Mosley shoes that time, it would be a different story.

If they are indeed sure of winning the fight with Pacquiao, they should have not let the opportunity slip through their hands which could be the biggest payout ever in boxing history. Who do you think can refuse a US $50 million dollars pay out?

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