President Aquino’s SONA, A New Challenge To The Filipino People

It’s a new beginning for the Filipino people now that P-Noy is now at the helm of the Philippine government. With an 85% approval rating that vouch for him, almost the entire nation is behind him.

In his first ever State of the Nation Address (SONA), it was a report card to the nation where he cited strings of anomalies of previous administration as to why the government’s coffers now are empty.

It could greatly affect and limit the financial resources by the present administration to improve the neglected education, infrastructure and social services.

He has suggested to Philippine Congress for some reforms to be made on fiscal responsibility, rationalized investment incentives, anti trust legislation, amendments to government procurement legislation with rules and regulations, a new national defense act, land use legislation, a law to encourage whistle blower and reform the witness protection program.

The SONA which was delivered in vernacular Filipino and it was also particularly address to the Filipino poor who either don’t understand or speak the English language.

Though the SONA has not covered of what other sectors wanted to hear, but then it was at least a new beginning and a challenge for the newly installed government, who truly cares this time and sensitive enough to the needs to every Filipino.

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