Mildred Baena Claimed No Fraud Over Her Love Child’s Birth Certificate

Mildred Baena, mistress of Arnold Schwarzenegger says that she didn’t commit fraud on their love child’s birth certificate, because according to her “she never signed nothin’!”

Facing a potential charges from her then husband, Rogelio Baena who claims that he was mislead to believe that he is the father of the lovechild of his former wife Mildred and Schwarzenegger.

According to sources close to Mildred Baena, she never asked to put Rogelio on the birth certificate, nor did she tell anyone he was the father of the child, that includes the hospital personnel and his husband Rogelio.

Mildred says that it was Rogelio who directed hospital personnel to put his name on the birth certificate because he believed it would help him in his U.S. citizenship application.

However, Mildred says she never signed it and made it clear during her pregnancy that he wasn’t the father, since he was out of the country.

Rogelio is talking about plans to sue both Mildred and Schwarzenegger for tricking him into believing that he was the father of Mildred’s 13 year old love child to Schwarzenegger.

Mildred, however, claims no one lied, except Rogelio, to ‘Entertainment Tonight’.

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