Miley Cyrus Is Top Earner Among Teen Celebrities

Miley Cyrus tops the list with an estimated net worth of US$ 120 million dollars. She started in the business in 2001, with her show, ‘Hannah Montana’ and has branch out to movies and recording.

Although, she had her share of controversies but the publicity has not hurt her nor her earning capabilities.

Coming in second is Justin Bebier with an estimated US$ 65.5 million dollars. Bieber’s first album sold 700,000 copies in three weeks, and has branched out to movies, even a nail polish line.

Third is Nick Jonas which has an estimated net worth of US$ 18 million dollars.

The following are the top 10 Richest Teens:

1.0) Miley Cyrus – US$ 120 million,
2.0 Justin Bieber – US$ 65.5 million
3.0 Nick Jonas – US$ 18 million
4.0 Dakota Fanning – US $ i6 nillion
5.0 Abegail Brelin – US$ 12 million
6.0 Angus Jones — US$ 10 million
7.0 Miranda Cosgrove -US$ 7 million
8.0 Tyler James Williams – US$ 4.8 million
9.0 Selena Gomez —- US$ 4 million
10.Demi Lovato -US$ 3 million

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