Moderate Your Greed In Acquiring Wealth

Money, they say is the root of all evils. But it’s not the money itself but the obsession to acquire it by all means has motivated a person to do evil things such as: murder, robbery, swindling, plunder, graft and corruption, lying, stealing of people’s money, betrayal of public trust, cheating just to stay in power, conspiracy and the likes.

If your goal in life is to become rich from a questionable source, you will never achieve it, after all how much money is enough to quench that obsession? People should not consider money their master but rather their servant. If you make money your god, it will plague you like the devil and there will be no peace in your life.

If how does a person treats money speaks for his own character. If a man runs after money he’s greedily mad. If he gets it without working he’s a parasite. If he gets it through anomalous means he’s evil.

Certainly to become wealthy is not morally wrong, if you didn’t get it through fraudulent means like driving sharp business deals, running your government like a mafia, going around the law, looking loopholes in rules and regulation, buying members of congress to make them puppets, using under the table tactics, bribing everyone in exchange of favor, using the military for judicial killings to quell dissent, entering anomalous business deals without any transparency, a recidivist in human rights violation and the likes are they not evil? There’s no doubt, that they are evil indeed.

If your wealth comes from legitimate means through honest dealings, you will certainly enjoy the privilege of going anywhere with your head up high and a clear conscience.

Such noble legacy you will not only share it to anyone but to the future generation as well. It is the heart that makes a man rich. He is rich according to what he has, to become rich is hard work but once you become rich, it becomes even harder.

Live your life as simple as you are. Don’t do what others say, just listen to them but do what you feel good and comfortable. After all you are the one dictating the pacing of your life to be upright, then why give chance to others to rule your life to do wicked things? If we command our wealth, we should be rich and free. If our wealth command us, we are poor indeed.

In conclusion, money is not the root of all evils but the greed love of it, certainly does.

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