Enjoying Life Of A Centenarian

People who reaches the age of one hundred and over is considered to have reached the milestone of life that only few have really succeeded.

The number of people reaching age one hundred and beyond has now become the fastest growing segments of the population especially in technological advanced countries like the United States and Japan.

The number of centenarians in the US has doubled in the 1980’s and did so again in the 1990’s. The total now exceeds seventy thousand.

By 2050, according to mid range projections, there could be over eight hundred thousand Americans who will celebrate the century mark. Studies show the same trend in other industrialized countries and recently, China.

The swelling population of people at the age of centenarian level and over has given researchers an opportunity to answer some of the most fundamental questions about human health and longevity.

What does it take to live long life? Well, herewith are some tips that one need to consider:

a) Communicate with your Maker through thick and thin of your life, it would make you feel that sense of security at all times and accordingly, peace would reign to your inner self as well.

b) Stay active and don’t waste time thinking about growing old.

c) Broaden your horizons by reading a lot. Preempt Alzheimer’s disease and senility with appropriate brain supplement in form of vitamins, minerals and herbs as prescribed by your medical doctor.

d) Mental, physical and sexual activities should be balanced.

e) Allocate and give your time in helping others showing your experience and talents, to keep you physically, mentally and spiritually active.

f) Always stay busy mentally and physically, because when you rest , you rust.

g) Know how to face reality, don’t spend too much time crying on a spilled milk. Lonely people are doomed to die young.

h) Eat a healthy diet and spend part of your time on hobbies you enjoy most, i.e. playing guitar, petting an animal, singing, gardening, etc.

i) Have adequate rest and totally ignore stressful situations.

j) Maintain a healthy sex drive – it improves the circulation of all organ system that includes your heart.

k) Make a positive self perception for a longer survival, it would add ten years of your life span.

l) People who live with joy and enthusiasm usually achieve remarkable results and long life. Avoid harboring on bitterness, dissatisfaction, frustration, chronic envy and are the hard maidens and harbingers of diseases.

m) Eat anticancer diet of at least two, wheat bread or cereal and low fat.

n) Don’t smoke, tobacco is responsible for 85% to 90% of lungs and throat cancer and 30% of all deaths.

o) Achieve a sense of contentment to yourself of what you only have, never ask nor aspire for more than what you can only provide.

p) Avoid carcinogen foods which usually are cancer stimulants like additives and chemicals commonly found in preserved foods, hormones in meat, aflatoxins found in molds on peanuts and legumes, mushrooms that contain toxic hydrazines, barbecuing that causes protein changes and produces benzopyrene, etc.

q) Learn to talk to yourself, it might be an awkward thing to do but it is a healthy habit. It is one way of calming down your senses. Better to have a first hands on evaluation to yourself on anything before going to others for their opinion or consultation.

Most importantly, full understanding of your limitations not only enhance acceptance to the harsh realities of life but it would also improve your spiritual well being as a person by thinking positively and evaluating things in their proper perspective.

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