Newly Crowned American Idol Phillip Phillips Obliged To Defer Kidney Operation Due To A Sinus Infection

Newly crowned American Idol Phillip Phillips was scheduled to have an operation to remove massive stones in his right kidney.

But Phllip’s sinus infection triggered a high fever, so surgeons cannot operate him safely, according to TMZ.

The new American Idol was forced to delay the procedure of what should have been a total relief of his congenital condition.

The popular singer had already delayed his urgent kidney surgery for months so he could finish the contest but chose to put his health on the line in pursuit of fame and fortune.

The 21 year old Idol winner revealed last week that he endured excruciating pain throughout the eleventh season’s entire talent competition. But he delayed the desired surgery so he could finish the show.

Two months ago, during the Fox show, doctors inserted a stent into one of Phillip’s kidneys – a temporary fix which cause the performer a huge amount of pain.

At the time, the singer’s hometown doctor in Georgia urged him to quit the competition and have the kidney stones removed immediately.

But the operation requires a standard six-week recovery period, and Phillip was determined to hold on.

The troubled singer also missed several field productions due to his illness. Apparently going on location to shoot the Ford commercials was ‘too taxing’ on Phillip.

He had already sacrificed a lot to be on the hit Fox series, even missing his own graduation ceremony at Albany Technical College due to obligations for the show.

After two hours of epic entertainment and 132 million votes cast, Phillips was named American Idol last week.

Emotional Phillips was reduced to tears upon finding out that he had won the talent contest.

After his victory was announced, Phillips strapped on his acoustic guitar to sing ‘Home,’ the Drew Pearson track that Phillips received high praise for his performance.

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