Planting Of Forest Trees In Urban Areas, To Mitigate Air Pollution Urged

by: Affleap

Environmentalists say that existing trees in cities cannot ease the air pollution emitted by vehicles, factories and other industrial establishments.

Such scenario are predominantly common to Asian countries whose economy is changing from agricultural to industrial that have prompted environmentalists to come up with some concepts that address air pollution problems in urban areas.

Urban Forestry is a concept by environmentalist where it is designed to ease pollution in cities; and provide a better environment for urban dwellers. It involves the planting of forest trees in parks, lawns and gardens, along the roads and highways.

Forest trees in urban areas are beneficial not only by easing air pollution and greening the environment but their presence in cities can augment up to the dwindling population of forest trees . They can also make people aware of the importance of forests in the urban and in people’s lives.

The Plant Resources of Southeast Asia (PROSEA) has produced a book on Forest Species for Landscaping and Urban Planning to showcase the importance of forest trees in urban setting and it also promote the use of forest trees for landscaping aside from timber and furniture utilization.

The book features trees not commonly used for landscaping and were chosen for their aesthetic properties and their ability to survive outside the forest.