Simon Cowell Say Goodbye To American Idol

It is interesting to note that Simon Cowell is leaving American Idol, when it allegedly suffering its lowest ratings since it debuted in 2002.

His reason for leaving, Cowell quipped, “You just have to know when to leave the party.”

It was an emotional farewell that took the return of Paula Abdul and seven others of the past “American Idols” at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles.

Simon Cowell, known for being creatively frank in his comments and by predicting most of the outcome of the show, by telling the finalist, Carie Underwood, in 2004 that she will win and go on to sell more records than previous winners.

Cowell will move on to the American version of “The X Factor” set to debut in 2011. In a video tribute to Cowell, fellow judges tick off the admirable characteristics he possessed.

Co-judge Ellen DeGeneres described Cowell as “kind..caring..and considerate” contrary to Cowell’s nasty feedback to American Idol’s contestants. While ex-judge Paula Abdul call her former seatmate on the judging table as”professional..humble..and so supportive”

“I didn’t expect to be emotional but I am.” Cowell said, when Ryan Seacrest ask him to come up on stage. He added, “I’m genuinely thankful”.

Fox TV has yet to announce possible replacement for Cowell.

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