Tips Of How To Sport A Good Make-Up Foundation

A Hollywood make-up artist who has worked with Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Eva Mendez, to name a few has noted, that the big mistake every woman does when applying make-up is applying the wrong foundation.

The make-up foundation applied is a few shades lighter than our actual skin tone, and most of the time is done so on purpose to appear ‘whiter’.

Foundations are used to even out the skin to create a smooth canvass for make up application.
In order to avoid foundation impropriety, herewith are some pointers to creating a solid make up foundation:

*** Consider your skin type. Do you have normal, oily or dry skin, pick a foundation formula that is oil free, while dry skin should consider one that is moisturized.

*** Contrary to popular belief, the hand or wrist is not the best part to try out the foundation. Instead notch the make-up foundation to your jawline.

*** As to complexion, yellow based foundation are best for those who are tan and pink based foundation works well with the fairer set.

*** Never take the neck for granted, always apply solid make-up foundation up to your neck.

*** Embrace your color or identity. Do not treat make up foundation as whitening products and remember to always pick a shade that exactly matches your skin.

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