Vending Machine – A Newly Fad Unmanned Retailer

To those consumers and shoppers who are actively wanting to avoid the store counter in their purchase of consumer goods, vending machine is the ideal device which bridge the gap between old fashioned stores and online shopping.

Vending machines are widespread and world widely known and it is almost installed everywhere in Japan, where a ratio of 23 people for every vending machine is considered to be a world record indeed.

The country’s low crime rate, dense population and their fad of technology has made vending machine popular to consumers in Japan.

The vending machine itself has salient features of highly sensitive sensors that can evaluate customer’s skin and wrinkles to determine whether they are old enough to buy tobacco; it has also the capability to ensure that customer’s is not charged unless the chosen item has dropped from the machine.

The change in consumer’s preference about shopping and the high cost of operating physical stores are the inspiring motivation by sellers to reevaluate and make a shift their position of how they sell their consumer goods to the public.

Most consumers especially the technologically savvy had been influenced by the technological advancement of information technology, where they have done most of their searching, shopping and procurement of products or goods online.

Notwithstanding, to the convenience it has brought about that by touching screen and pressing of buttons they can effect purchases at the comforts of their homes, without leaving and going anywhere.

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