Whitney Houston’s Family Plans To Encase Her Remains In Concrete To Make Robbery Of Diamonds Jewelry Buried With Her Virtually Impossible

Whitney Houston was buried with a diamond brooch and earrings, her family is planning to encase her remains in concrete to deter grave robbers stealing the US$ 750,000 (£500,000) worth of jewellery she is buried with.

It is thought that the singer’s mother Cissy Houston can’t afford to keep up the security.

A close family source is quoted by the Daily Star newspaper as saying: ‘Cissy can’t afford to keep paying guards forever. A concrete encasement is the only answer.’

The legendary singer’s grave at the moment is under 24-hour guard at Fairview Cemetery in New Jersey where she was buried next to her father John Russell Houston Jr. , who died in 2003.

It was Whitney’s wishes to be buried in diamond brooch and earrings. A burial expert believes encasing Whitney in concrete is a ‘sensible move’.

They said, ‘It makes robbery virtually impossible. It would take a long time to get through, even with a pneumatic drill.’

Whitney’s 78 year old mother Cissy, has vowed to write a tell all book publishing both the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ times of her daughter’s life.

She is quoted by the New York Times as saying, ‘I want to stop the lies, It’s going to be the bad. It’s going to be the good.’

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