Alkaline pH Water – Its Contribution To A Healthy Life

Nutritional expert has defined as the acidity or alkalinity of a substance, in which an alkaline rating of seven as being neutral.

As an example, the blood has an alkaline pH of 7.35 to 7.45 range. The lower the pH, the more acidic the blood is.

It is noted that normally blood is alkaline and some advocates had claimed that an alkalizing diet or fluid may have a positive impact to our health and vitality.

Moreover, the advocates for alkaline pH water warn against too much acid forming foods like high protein food such as meat and eggs.

Hence, they recommend a diet consisted wholly of fruits and vegetables. Let us examine the alkaline pH as a whole, as the healthy body can always maintain a normal blood pH.

Many people with perfectly normal blood pH had adopted alkalizing diet without realizing that they don’t need to in the first place.

High protein foods do not cause the blood to be highly acidic under normal prevailing conditions. On the opposite good quality protein is needed for the body to maintain the proper pH value of the blood and extra cellular fluids.

Normal pH largely regulated by our normal functioning kidney and endocrinal system. These organs have the most contribution in regulating blood pH value to our blood.

The health benefit of alkaline pH water is the availability of minerals in their proper balance. The earth’s minerals had been depleted by inorganic farming and improper farming practices wherein the microorganisms on the soil which are responsible in providing the required minerals to vegetables and fruits are obliterated due to the use of chemical fertilizer instead of organic.

These minerals are very important to our health. It is for this reason why alkaline pH drinking water is gaining recognition and popularity nowadays due to mineral deficiencies on our diet that need to be sustained.

The best source of minerals is unrefined salts from pristine seas. Of all the sea salts, crystal salt is the most superior.

Of the eighty mineral elements found in the human body, seventy two are believed to be essential ingredients to a healthy diet, which fortunately are found in crystal salt and unrefined sea salts.

These minerals interplay to maintain a balanced pH not only in the blood but in all tissues as well.

Don’t you know that your table salt is refined with seventy two to eighty minerals eliminated. This leads to one sided overload of sodium chloride that lead to the undesirable effects to our diet. Did you know that coconut water approximates the pH of the blood, and is a good source of alkaline water drink?

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