American Idol’s Lauren Alaina Turned Down Twice From Show, America’s Got Talent

The revelation that ‘American Idol’ season teen runner up, Lauren Alaina was actually rejected from the talent show ‘America’s Got Talent’ not once, but twice is seemed intriguing.

As teen Country singer Lauren Alaina shared her experience with Jay Leno this week how she was turned down from the talent show twice.

The American Idol runner up is seated next to judge Piers Morgan on The Tonight Show, she informed him that she was turned down for America’s Got Talent twice. Lauren stated “You denied me! I swear. Look it up… I didn’t make it past the first round.”

Piers Morgan, who initially told Lauren that she should have won over Scotty McCreery seemed genuinely surprised by the teen’s revelation and responded with “This is a scandal.This is now what Americans call, this is awkward. I’m going to get these producers! The moment this finishes, I’m getting them!”

Lauren just laughed it off saying anyone who cannot get on America’s Got Talent can apply for American Idol instead. But the question remains, how could anyone turn away such a beautiful voice?

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