Bob Arum’s Assessment On Pacquiao’s Training Can Send Mixed Signals

Recent pronouncement as “satisfactory” by Bob Arum of what he saw for Pacquiao’s training status in Baguio is something that has to be taken seriously.

It does mean one thing that Pacquiao has to do more in order to be successful in his quest for his 8th title championship in 8th different boxing weight divisions, a title that no boxer has ever stepped up yet in this coveted feat.

From the start, it was the astute promoter’s suggestion that in order Pacquiao can focus more on his training and enhance his skills, they should be done as much as possible in the US soil to avoid distraction as what had happened to Pacquiao when he is training in the Philippines.

If it were not of the IRS issue, that could make a toll out from Pacquiao’s earnings he must have done probably his full stretch training at the Wild Card gym.

However, with Arum’s comment, it can relay a mixed message of assurance that the fight is now more even and competitive to people who are thinking otherwise.

It can also send mixed signals to bettors to close the big betting disparity between the two protagonists, which Pacquiao, enjoying a big advantage in his favor.

Besides it could add up more enthusiasm for ticket buyers especially the Latino boxing enthusiasts who wants to see a rebound for their lost glory in the person of Margarito.

Sometimes comments especially coming from a promoter cum businessman like Arum would make a difference for the public to assess for themselves and patronize of what was known from the very beginning as a one sided affair in favor of Pacquiao.

It could be seen also as a marketing ploy by Arum to entice more people to watch the event live aside from increasing accordingly its PPV.

However, this writer believes that the clash between Pacquiao and Margarito can ultimately test Pacquiao’s skill as a fighter, having to fight a much bigger, taller and mentally prepared Margarito.

For sure this time, the Pacquiao camp led by Freddie Roach have now the strategy of how to neutralize Margarito’s exploits in the ring.

As long as Manny Pacquiao has maintained that discipline to focus on the remaining days of his training and the Filipino nation backing him up in time for the November 13, clash, it would be an uphill battle for Antonio Margarito to win this fight.


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