Boosting Your Health Defense Mechanism

In a tropical country like the Philippines, abrupt changing of weather conditions not yet in time for dry to wet season or vise versa is uncommon. Out of the blue, people may soon find out that they have the colds or the flu virus to contend with them.

In strengthening your physical health defense mechanism, you need to eat healthy foods, drinks a lot of liquid, exercise regularly, if you are a workaholic, you need to get enough rest and most importantly be vigilant to stay away from crowds or people who appears ill.

*** You need to strengthen your internal health defenses by eating antioxidant rich foods such as whole grain cereals, foods with omega-3 fatty acids like mackerel or salmon, it enhances our own immune system.

*** Do moderate exercises to enhance your physical defense against any dull feeling and effect good blood circulation. It also improves your lung and immune function. Physical activity enhances the ability of T- lymphocytes (white blood cells that attack virus and cancer cells) to ramp up the immune response.

*** Don’t over exercise yourself, it will do you harm than good as studies suggest because it increases your stress hormone levels detrimental to your health that can lead to suppression of the immune system.

*** Have enough quality sleep and drink a lot of liquids. Observe proper and satisfactory sleeping hours usually for adults not less than six hours. You have to stay well hydrated to keep the tissues of your respiratory system moist and helps the immune system to function properly.

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