Breastfed Babies Has Less Behavioral Problems – Study

Children who are breastfed by mothers develop fewer behavioral problems, according to Oxford researchers.

It says that may be because of the make-up of breast milk that contained large quantities of a particular type of fatty acid, as well as growth factors and hormones, which were important for the development of the brain and nervous system.

Also, breastfeeding may lead to better mother-baby interaction which could mean the babies learn more about acceptable ways of behaving.

Breastfeeding is already associated with other health benefits for babies, including lower rates of infection and less obesity in later life.

Researchers are looking at the feeding habits of 10,037 mothers to their babies, they were asked to assess problems in their children by the age of five, including anxiousness and clinginess, restlessness, and lying or stealing.

Only 6 percent of children who were breastfed showed signs of behavior problems, compared with 16 percent of children who were formula-fed. Breastfed children also get ill less often, which may affect their behavior.

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