Cheryl Cole Lured Back To X-Factor Through The Intercession Of Simon Cowell

After dropping Cheryl Cole from the judging panel of US X-Factor over her Georgie accent.

Fox is luring Cole back to the show through the intercession of Simon Cowell.

They recently replaced Cole with Nicole Scherzinger. However, Cole made her intention not to return to UK X-Factor where she was originally part of the judging panel prior to her transfer to US X-Factor.

According to sources, Cowell has stepped in to give Cole a chance and Cowell has said, “We have offered Cheryl a second chance and she might still come back to US X Factor. Fox have been re-examining the situation and have had a change of heart. After the debacle with the UK judging panel we have started negotiating with Cheryl’s camp and the ball is now in her court.”

There is no word yet from Cole or her camp whether or not she will be returning to the show.

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