Diabetics Not Happy With Current Treatments

In a report by International Patient Research conducted last year only half of the patients interviewed were completely satisfied with their current diabetes treatments.

About one third of the patient surveyed were extremely worried about suffering from complications as well as the improper control of their blood sugar levels.

In addition to half of the diabetic patients were extremely worried that they may accidentally injure themselves or others when experiencing hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels).

About four of every ten were very worried about passing out in public during this hypoglycemic episodes. Meanwhile, nearly all patients highly associated amputations, diabetic foot disease and increased risk of infection with diabetes complications.

In managing their diabetes, thirty nine percent of the patients in the survey expressed that uncontrolled disease progression is the greatest difficulty they are currently facing.

That is why providing a cure and effective in regulating blood glucose levels ( seventy eight percent and seventy four percent respectively) rank as the most important attributes when choosing the “best drug” for their diabetes treatment.

Other important attributes that diabetics sufferers considered in their medicine of choice were : once daily dosing (forty nine percent), less side effect (forty nine percent) and without injection (forty seven percent).

Despite the availability of many anti-diabetic drugs, data shows that every ten seconds a person dies from diabetes related causes.

Complications associated with diabetes have become one of the major causes of death in several countries, mainly due to the increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Heart disease accounts for about fifty percent of all deaths among diabetics in industrialized countries.

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