Duchess Catherine On ‘Dukan Diet,’ Has No Scientific Basis

The Dukan Diet advocated by Carole Middleton has no solid scientific basis, according to the British Dietetic Association (BDA).

It is rumored that it has been used by the Duchess of Cambridge herself in her diet. It is a complicated four-phase diet that starts off with a protein only approach that promotes weight loss of around 7 lb. per week.

Mrs. Middleton told an interviewer last year she was following the diet and it was rumored her daughter had taken up the plan, created by Frenchman Pierre Dukan, before her wedding to Prince William.

The BDA said of the Dukan Diet, a complicated four-stage approach based on eating lots of protein-rich meat and fish and cutting out carbohydrates: “There is absolutely no solid science behind this at all. This works on restricting foods, calories and portion control again. Once again, cutting out food groups is not advisable.”

The BDA said: “This diet is so confusing, very rigid, full of very French foods that most Brits would run a mile from like rabbit and offal, and even Dr Dukan himself warns of the associated problems like lack of energy, constipation and bad breath.”

Formulated by Dr Pierre Dukan, a French nutritionist, it is composed of 4 phases namely:carole middleton, “attack”, “cruise”, “consolidation” and “stabilization” phases.

Formulated by Dr Pierre Dukan, a French nutritionist, Dukan diet is composed of 4 phases “attack”, “cruise”, “consolidation” and “stabilization” phases.

The first phase (attack) which lasts five to 10 days, participants are meant to eat nothing but lean meat, fish, eggs and low-fat dairy products, plus a tablespoon and a half of oat-bran a day.

In the second phase (cruise) they are allowed some vegetables every other day, but no spuds. Their oat-bran allowance goes up half a tablespoon. This can go on for months, until a dieter’s “true weight” has been achieved.

Those strong-willed enough to achieve that aim can then start eating some bread and fruit once more, a period known as the third phase (consolidation).

Finally, participants reach the fourth phase (stabilization), when they can eat whatever type of food they like, apart from on Thursdays.

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