French Breast Implant Company In Hot Water For Not Using Medical Quality Silicone Material

Calls mounted for the founder of the French company, Poly Implant Prothese (PIP), that made potentially risky breast implants fitted to tens of thousands of women worldwide to be pulled in because the firm’s products were found to contain industrial rather than medical quality silicone.

The founder of the company French Jean-Claude Mas is being sought in Costa Rica for offenses concerning ‘life and health.’

France’s health ministry advised 30,000 women with breast implants made by now-bankrupt PIP to have them removed.

French Health Minister Xavier Bertrand was particularly concern that the founder of the company has to be made accountable of his actions.

“By not using the specified product, they sought to make money, and this is the worst thing, out of women’s health,” said Bertrand. “Clearly he must be found along with everyone else who had an interest in this company.”

France’s state medical insurance would be readying their complaints against those responsible alleging criminal fraud and deceit, as well as seeking compensation.

The total cost for removing and replacing the implants through reconstructive surgery, is estimated at around 60 million euros (US$ 78 million).

The French health ministry advised women who refuse to heed the call, to have a breast scan every six months.

In April last year, PIP was shut down and its products banned after it was found to have been using non-specified silicone material in their products that can cause high implant rupture rates.

Though there is no proven cancer risk the prostheses could rupture, in more than 65 countries, mainly in South America and western Europe, received implants produced by PIP.

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