Kate Middleton Has Lost Weight, A Border Of Being Skinny

The stress that Kate Middleton was subjected from her recent royal wedding and the hectic activities that comes along with it, must have probably taken its toll why she has lost weight.

The Duchess of Cambridge, looks great in everything she wears because of her slim figure, not until recently that she seems to have lost around 15 pounds (lbs) that made her look skinny.

Aside from what has been speculated that it was caused by stress, fitness experts are now looking of what Kate has done to shed that much weight.

“There’s a lot of discussion around Kate’s diet since she recently has been linked to the French Dukan Diet, which is a low carb, high protein diet similar to the Atkins Diet,” says Steve Jordan, owner of Acceleration Gym in Los Angeles.

The Dukan diet, is a French designed diet which is based on rich protein foods with low carbohydrates component.

Bob Harper, the Biggest Loser trainer advises that when trying to diet it’s never been a good idea to skip meals and it’s important to incorporate exercise.

Harper said that the contoured kettle bells where he is a patron, must have given Kate a nice definition in her arms.

They are a great workout to get your heart rate up, burn fat and add lean muscle. But one need to avoid alcohol because it can cause ones metabolism to a halt.

Jordan, however said that the stress of Kate’s life probably contributed to her dramatic weight loss.

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