Marquez Doesn’t Give A Damn As To The Outcome In A Trilogy With Pacquiao

Juan Manuel Marquez’s decision to abandon the Golden Boy Promotions (GBP) in favor of becoming a free agent of his own is just a duplication of what Shane Mosley did , just to get a fight with Manny Pacquiao.

It is a practical move by Marquez though, it is also the shortest route that Marquez can avail of to make the trilogy happens. Without that GBP baggage in his back, it could be an easy sailing for him in his negotiation with Top Rank.

Who knows this time, Bob Arum would no longer oblige him to fight a legitimate welterweight contender as a pre-requisite in fighting Pacquiao.

Marquez decision is logical and timely, especially he admitted that at 38, he is now at the tail end of his career.

There’s no other lucrative choice for him to make other than to earn as much Benjamins for his impending retirement except by playing the Pacquiao lotto.

If he stays at the lightweight and continue fighting for the remaining top lightweight contenders, Marquez has sensed that there’s so much danger in fighting them which can outweigh the reward he can reap.

Besides there’s no much money to scoop in there in the first place. While fighting the money generating machine Pacquiao in a trilogy is much better and a lucrative proposition.

Marquez cares less of what will happen to him if he fights Pacquiao for the third time what matters to him most is the prize money he can earn if the fight can be realized soonest. .

Winning the fight is only his second fiddle but landing a slot of the Pacquiao sweepstakes is the most important thing in his mind.

Marquez doesn’t mind if Pacquiao has made a quantum leap in boxing skills as compared to their last previous encounter.

He cares less whether Pacquiao has fully developed his right hand transforming into a killer punch with same intensity and punching power as to his left hand.

Marquez cares less either, that Pacquiao can now handle counter punchers with ease without off balancing himself.

Marquez doesn’t give a damn if Paquiao now is a complete fighter and either he doesn’t give a damn if his last welterweight conqueror, Floyd Mayweather jr. is avoiding Pacquiao that a mere shadow of Pacquiao is keeping a haunt to Floyd jr. even in his dreams.

Marquez, is not worried at all as to the outcome of the fight if he ends up a Hatton, a Cotto or a Margarito, naming them as you like, he doesn’t give a damn.

In short Marquez is still keep believing and dreaming to himself that he can defeat Pacquiao. Well, believing to oneself is a good virtue if Marquez can sustain it by deeds but if not, it could be a BIG problem that awaits him indeed.

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