Meryl Streep Wins Her Third Oscar In Three Decades For Her Portrayal Of The ‘Iron Lady’

Meryl Streep scooped her third Oscar at the 84th Academy Awards.

The actress was presented the gong for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady.

Meryl Streep dazzles at Oscars in glittering gown as her footwear pays tribute to Margaret Thatcher.

The Hollywood actress earned her third honor for her performance of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady. She won a supporting actress gong in 1979 and the top award in 1982 for Kramer Vs Kramer and Sophie’s Choice respectively.

Looking more golden lady than iron in a draped metallic gown, Meryl thanked her husband after opening with the self-deprecating statement:

‘When they called my name, I had this feeling I could hear half of America go, “Oh, no, why her again?” But whatever,’ Streep said, laughing.

With the emotion clearly getting to her, Meryl said that standing at the winners podium she ‘sees my life before my eyes,’ and insisted that her friends are what she holds dear from her career, more than the prizes it brings.

She said: ‘I really understand I’ll never be up here again. I really want to think all my colleagues, my friends. I look out here and I see my life before my eyes, my old friends, my new friends.

‘Really, this is such a great honor but the think that counts the most with me is the friendship and the love and the sheer job we’ve shared making moves together,’ said Streep, who is the record-holder with 17 acting nominations.

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