Sergio Martinez Is Willing To Fight Manny Pacquiao At 150 Lbs, Catchweight

There’s a possibility that by next year, 2012, Manny Pacquiao – Sergio Martinez clash would eventually be happening of what could be the boxing’s biggest fight in years.

The willingness of Martinez to go down at catchweight of 150 lbs. is understandable. Aside from Martinez’s running out of opponents at the middleweight division, at 37 by next year he wanted to strike a lucrative deal of a Pacquiao fight.

Just like Shane Mosley and Juan Manuel Marquez, Martinez wants to play the Pacquiao lotto. Mosley at 39, has to breakaway from Golden Boy promotions in his quest to get a multi million dollar fight with Pacquiao while Marquez at 38 has weighed-in the benefits he could rake of going up north by two weight classes to get a lucrative trilogy with Pacquiao rather than maintaining as champ in the lightweight division.

The 3 boxers, however, have one thing in common, they could not get as much money they wanted if they fight on their own with other opponents other than getting a Pacquiao or a Mayweather bout.

Hence, it could not be denied that Pacquiao and Mayweather are both the hottest cash cows in today’s boxing industry.

This is perhaps the reason why Mayweather says that he doesn’t need Pacquiao because he could still earn lucratively of his own without engaging heads on with Pacquiao.

The last bout Mayweather had with Victor Ortiz, at least he earned US$ 20 million dollars for the fight.

For the p4p king, Mayweather Jr.’s refusal to fight him is not his loss but a loss for boxing because he only obliges what the boxing fans want to see, besides, he is not cherry picking his opponents. According to the Filipino champion unlike his arch rival, Mayweather Jr., he fights whatever laid on his table.

On Martinez, Pacquiao, who will be 33 in December, has already indicated sometime last year his willingness to take on the bigger Argentine southpaw knockout artist at catchweight in what some members of his own team consider more dangerous than Pacquiao fighting the unbeaten Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Martinez and Antonio Margarito are of about the same build and height. For his part, Martinez admitted that he would need time to go down in weight because he has been used to fighting at the full middleweight norm of 154 lbs.

According to Martinez, to go down at the 150 lbs. can be fatal for his health but it can be done with enough time. He respected Pacquiao’s position as far as catchweight is concern because he is a small frame fighter compared to him.

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