Kevin Costner Cleared By Jury of Any Wrongdoing Into Selling Shares Of His Company’s Stock

A New Orleans jury rejected claims that Kevin Costner deceived Stephen Baldwin (brother of celebrity Alec Baldwin) into selling shares of his stock in a company that became hugely profitable selling oil cleanup equipment in the wake of the British Petroleum (BP) spill.

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Gulf Oil Spill Disaster Could Change Ecosystem Of Affected Area

by: affleap

The oil spill at the Gulf of Mexico is killing marine food web where other marine creatures are dependent for food.

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Seabed Creatures That Thrive On Petrochemicals

There’s an interesting discovery by oceanographers a bizarre ecosystems luxuriant with clams, mussels and big tube worms in the deep seabed where it was once thought an underwater lifeless desert, a dark abyss deprived of sunlight.

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