Shale Gas Could be Worse Than Coal In Aggravating Climate Change

Shale gas extraction could come up emitting greenhouse gases to the atmosphere in two scenarios, one is when gas is burned and it produces carbon dioxide, second is when methane gas leaks out while the well is being tapped.

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Gulf Oil Spill Disaster Could Change Ecosystem Of Affected Area

by: affleap

The oil spill at the Gulf of Mexico is killing marine food web where other marine creatures are dependent for food.

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Climate Change – A Fight For 4 Billion People

In a February 2007 report by the world’s foremost authority on climate change – the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). In their first of six reports, the IPCC has this to say ” fossil fuel pollution would raise temperature this century, worsen floods, droughts, hurricanes, melt polar ice and damage the climate system for a thousand years.”

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