The Health Benefits Of Resveratrol

The compound resveratrol is commonly found in red grapes. It was known to benefit the heart but there’s a lot more health benefits of resveratrol that can be derived as the new research suggests.

Herewith, are some of their findings:

*** Resveratrol acts as an estrogen blocker on weight management. Estrogen hormone by itself effects in decreasing muscle mass and increasing fat storage. It helps regulate insulin production by lowering insulin levels which in turn also decrease fat storage.

*** It can inhibit all three major stages of tumor which are: initial, promotion and progression on cancer of the breast, prostate, brain, liver, pancreas, kidney colon, ovary, cervix, melanoma and lymphoma. Other benefits of reservatrol has been found also to act as best anti oxidant and anti leukemic agent.

*** It is also noted to be anti-fungal to inhibit the growth of both mold and fungus. Moreover, it stops the growth of viruses like influenza and herpes. In cases like HIV, it can help improved the potency of certain drugs to treat it.

*** In some clinical works, after serious brain injury, treatment with it has been shown to vastly improve the ability of the brain to recover. New research has also been done to determine its neuro-protective effect.

Resveratrol is also noted to promote neuronal survival in the brain and it may provide a practical application to help treat neuro-degenerating disorders like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.

*** In an another animal study from the Institute of Genetics, Molecular and Cell Biology, resveritol was shown to have the potential in improving muscular endurance among athletes by increasing the energy components in the cells.

Red wine extract is noted as a good source of resveritol, in its health wine process, the grape seed and the skin are included in which both contain the compound.

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