The Spiritual Perspective Of Grief And Death

The sudden blow of an unexpected passing can bring up potent emotions like despair, anger, shock, or even guilt. But these are normal during the process of grieving and finding healing after a great loss.

Death is already painful as it may seem but even more devastating is the untimely departure of a loved one. You can never be prepared for the heart wrenching news of losing your parents or relatives in their respective appointed times that have passed on them, a spouse to a natural calamity, a child to a tragic accident, or a close friend to a grave illness.

Emotionally, it is difficult to overcome grief over a death in time that we have yet to learn of what it really means in its proper spiritual perspective.

How do you deal with emotions brought to you by your grief over a loss due to death? There’s no definite answer but there are reasonable and inspiring ways to get through your loss. To give yourself time to grieve of all that had happened by accepting that your love one is gone, and you can do over with it definitely, no doubt.

Herewith, are some tips, to help you cope with your emotional pain and win yourself the grief over a death in the proper setting.

*** Think and remember the good memories that you and your love ones had shared together, focus on the good things and accept the reality that each individual has its own appointed time set by God and your stay in this world is temporal and your time soon will come just like the others before you and subsequently after you.

The similitude of this life, is a long journey, after having traveled for a certain distance and you get tired, you rested for a while under the shade of a tree (this world) and after you are done, you continue your travel again for that long journey.

*** Think positively of life, that you should not be scared of death, it is a natural phenomenon compared to birth; when there is awake, there is sleep; when there is war, there is peace; when there is happiness, there is grief; and when there is temporal life, there is death; a premise of natural occurrence that you need to accept it.

God give you this temporal life to spend it wisely and not wastefully. He did it for a purpose, that you should only worship Him and Him Alone and there is no other god besides Him and this is the Message of Truth, He wanted to convey to us.

He has made revelations of Himself and made it clear since the beginning of time as to His true Nature, His Oneness, His Uniqueness as God. That He has no associates nor a family that He has been attributed to by unscrupulous people and let it be known to mankind about the truth.

The Message of Truth is the key to salvation and it is for this reason why He has sent His five dominant prophets to the world from Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus Christ and Muhammad (Peace be upon them) to serve them as a reminder and a warner to mankind for the follies of men deviating from God’s message and the punishment that awaits for them if they don’t mend their ways.

God desist you from worshiping the man made doctrine of the triune god or trinity as it is popularly known which was invented by the church in the council of Nicea in 325 AD during the reign of emperor Constantine to appease the pagans and the believers of more than one god into their fold.

Your life is a testament of your deeds and how you did spend it during your lifetime and God see to it, if you really have adhered to His Message of Truth. This testament of yours will be used against you by God on judgment day if either you deserved for the everlasting life in paradise or be doomed for the everlasting life in hell in which God has in stored them for you.

*** You should not squander the opportunity of this life that God has given you. You should do the best of your ability to make your resume’ most appealing and eventually earns God’s pleasure for His acceptance and give it to you the everlasting life in paradise, a permanent life which is your ultimate goal.

A permanent life that there’s neither no death, nor grief, nor sickness, nor aging, nor hunger and there’s no more other world’s travails to experience of these sorts.

Hence, this temporal life should not be wasted or taken it for granted. It is either for you to make or to break it.


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