Tiger Woods Races Time To Break Jack Nicklaus Record

Tiger Woods hopes to play the U.S. Open but he can’t this time because he has not fully recuperated yet from his leg injury.

He is looking up of breaking some golf records of Jack Nicklaus of 18 major championships.

He’s now in his 14th, a matter of 4 more major championships, then he could level off the record of Nicklaus.

Even if Woods were to go win less this year, he would still have the same number of majors that Nicklaus won at age 35. Nicklaus believes that a player in his era was “old” in his late 30s. These days, he thinks “old” is over the age of 45.

If that’s the case, Woods has some 40 majors still to play. But that depends on his health.

“That 18 is our benchmark in our sport,” Woods said last week. “No one has played the major championships better than Jack has. It took Jack over 24 years to do what he did. I still have plenty of time, and I feel that going forward, I’m excited about playing major championships and playing golf again.

Jack Nicklaus doesn’t want Tiger Woods to break his record of 18 major championships.
But he wants him to be healthy enough to try.

For all that has gone wrong with Woods during the last 18 months, his health might be the most troubling , at least as it relates to his golf, and especially in context with Nicklaus.

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