Tiger Woods To Keep Apart With His Former Caddie At Australian Open

Former world no. 1, Tiger Woods and his old caddie Steve Williams will be kept apart at the Australian Open, it was revealed.

Woods and Adam Scott, the current player of Williams, were expected to be paired for the opening two rounds of the event.

However, Tony Roosenburg, the tournament director firmly ruled out the possibility after Williams told a caddies’ awards dinner in Shanghai that the aim of a gloating celebration on what was a racist slur in describing Woods when he said ‘shove it right up that black a***hole.’

It was also revealed that the apology done by Williams over the weekend was half hearted and Williams was only compelled to do at the orders of Scott.

Scott’s failure to fire Williams and the indecisive response by the golfing authorities means the story will continue to go on without closure of the issue.

Greg Turner, former European Tour pro and a Kiwi compatriot of Williams, said: ‘I can’t see this ending well. I have been trying to think of a context that might have been acceptable and I can’t come up with anything.’

Woods is scheduled to talk to the media on Tuesday and the people wanted to hear about Wood’s reaction over the racist slur issue and the subsequent apology made by Williams to avoid a possible backlash.

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