Back Pain Cannot Be Ignored, It Affects Your Health And Productivity

Back pain is so common but it is the most neglected. For young people back pain becomes a grin and bear it affair while older people it is explain away, as a sign of aging.

Back pain is also the most usual medical problem that strikes eight out of ten people in their prime. It affects older people like arthritis, a pain they feel in the back of their spine and in younger adult lumbago, the pain they feel in the lower portion of the back.

What kind of back pain should be caused for concern? By far, the most explainable thing about back pain is acute lumbar strain. A direct cause and effect can be elicited.

There are good reasons for not ignoring back pain of more than two to three weeks. If you are working, back pain cannot be ignored because it affects your health and productivity. The end result of any of your activity would always be marred with inefficiency.

The back is such a large area that the presence of pain from musculo-skeletal sources, makes it in a different way. Infections of the kidney, tumors of the uterus or gut problem can also pose as back pain.

Inter-vertebral disks are the shock absorbers of the spine. In youth, they are sturdy, flexible and elastic. But as the spine ages, disk become rigid and dry. With continued intense pressure, a disk can rupture its center called the ‘nucleus pulposus’ can pinch an adjacent nerve.

Its impact causes pain, numbness or weakness of the extremities. The most common herniations are found in the lower back and in the neck.

Back pain is a common condition that comes from the muscle,nerves, bones, joints and other structure from the spine. It may come from an aching back after a day of lifting heavy loads or of stooping to do some house works like gardening or plumbing.

This may come from your work, sitting or holding any position for a longer period of time. Then you are unable to stand or walk because you already strain your muscle that hinders the flow of blood to the spine.

Your back muscle are in spasm , you feel tight and may feel shortened and contracted. The result is back pain. Poor posture also contributes to the overuse of your muscle and lead to fatigue, strain and back pain.

Diagnosis through a thorough history and physical examination should be able to recreate back pain in the clinic. The reliable sign is a positive SLR or Straight Leg Raising test in which shooting pain down the leg occurs when the examiner lifts the patient’s leg from a lying position.

In alleviating your backpain, start by resting for 1 or 2 days. Lie down on a firm mattress and not on a hard surface. New studies have pointed out that staying in bed for longer periods leads to a loss of muscle tone. This further delay in recovery.

Some people solve their back pain by taking over the counter pain reliever and have some bed rests to remedy discomfort and pain. But there are some suggested remedies to ease back pain without taking any medication.

Always maintain a good and proper posture in anything you do. Keep active and always do a normal activity. Strengthen your muscles by regularly doing a moderate exercise.

When working, do not indulge yourself in a continuous hour of work without a break, at least a break time of some seconds in every 30-minute of work like walking or just leaning your back in your chair.

Lastly, if despite all avenues and effort being pursued for the cure of your backpain and yet your condition did not pick up any sign of improvement, probably, you need to see a doctor for a thorough physical and medical examination to meticulously determine if your back pain is a symptom of another much bigger picture of medical problem that needs prompt medical attention and treatment.

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