Chocolate Use In Aesthetic Treatment Slows Aging Process?

While chocolate is shunned by dieters and people who wanted to shed some extra weight, beauty salons and clinics on the other hand, are offering treatments using chocolate, as an ally of aesthetics.

Chocolate which is derived from the fruit kernels of cocoa, is rich in flavonoids, a potent antioxidant, fighting free radicals and is promoting hydration, explains Brazilian dermatologist, Roseli Andrade.

According to her, treatments with tonic lotions, facials and body treatments, massages and bubble baths slow the aging process and bring brilliance to skin and hair.

Manu Spa performs procedures focused on the feet and hands with exfoliation, reflexology and paraffin moisturizing with chocolate. They also offer body masks with chocolate fondue, honey, oats and other natural ingredients.

According to the medical cosmetologist, Juliana Moraes, chocolate nourishes, leaves your skin smooth and prevents aging due to its composition of calcium, magnesium, minerals, iron, phosphorus, protein, fats and vitamins.

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