Malaysian Government Repudiates Minority Christians’ Use of “Allah” In Their Bible

There must be some good reasons why the majority Muslim Malaysian government has refused to allow the distribution of tens of thousands of the Malay language version of the bible by the minority Malaysian Christians.

Foremost, the government repudiates the use by the minority Christians using the word “Allah” in their translation of God for the Malay-language version of the bible.

In Islamic tradition the Arabic word “Allah” is the proper name of God. It is an equivalent of Jewish and Christian tradition of “Yahweh” or “Jehovah” (the transliterated version of Yahweh) in the Hebrew language which is the proper name of God.

The question now is why the minority Christians is using the word “Allah” in their translation when it is a word alien to Christian tradition and why not use “Yahweh” or Jehovah or even the Malay language equivalent word for God instead?

The Malaysian government’s stance that the use of “Allah” in non-Muslim texts could confuse Muslims and even entice them to believe that both religions are the same and can be interchangeable.

Allowing the use of word “Allah” in their bible would paved way to blasphemous abuses by non Muslim and it would lost the objectivity of the word other than what originally intended for.

The usage could tantamount to indiscriminate corruption and abuses of the word into blasphemous ways in Islamic tradition standard like “Allah” having a son or “Allah” is in three persons but in one God, in which all these man made doctrines of the Pauline church by which Allah Himself rejected these man made doctrines in the Holy Quran.

Nearly two-thirds of Malaysia’s 28 million people are Malay Muslims, while 25 percent are ethnic Chinese and 8 percent are Indians. Ethnic minorities are mostly Christian, Buddhist or Hindu.

To Know more about the true nature of Allah, please read the Holy Quran (The Speech Of God).

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